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Poetry and Messy Feelings 




Thou cannot loose my heart from thought

Which beauty longing anguish wrought

Clenched eyes visioned beauty's face

Through lonely broken inward place

Ne'er won nor lost but always fought

Burnt by gleam my eye was caught

Who's fingers across her body traced

Which left me hunger for her taste

And gave up all for which I sought

If just to find one drop of grace









Oh heart why so weak

Day by day afraid to speak

So afraid to truly feel

Losing touch of what is real

Through the cracks sorrows seep 

From broken attempts to heal









I  am weak in longing

what I cannot hold

searching for belonging

and to be whole









I don't know you anymore

and maybe I never did

All that remains is you  and me

and a lot of space between









In my hands I hold the seas

and grasp wind by the reins

They escape without pains

Farewell to your heart amongst these

I am here on my knees 

Empty handed covered in stains






Set me free


You set me free

With memories of your kiss

You beat me with thorny whips

softly spoken through your lips

You set me free




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